Sunday, 14 March 2010

Two Ex Boyfriends and an Ex Husband!

exes.... in the last week...three of my exes have called me...straight out of the blu... They are like buses!

what is it? can they just sense my happiness and satisfaction with my life or what?
i have not talked to my ex-husband in more than two years and before that hadn't talked to him in three years. my question to him....what in DAHELL are you calling ME for?...he just wanted to hear a friendly voice...

then...the knucklehead that i spent $2,000 visiting in KOREA (of all the godforsaken places on earth)...calls me and is like...i want to come visit you in...i've been thinking about you and missing you and just want to see response...whatevuh, nigga (and i don't even LIKE that word).... most recent ex...calls to tell me that he REALLY wants to see me...that regardless of what i think that he doesn't have a "rotation" and that he's really been thinking about me and oh, by the way...can i make about six copies of a 60 page document for him? reply...beat it, bozo...well, not quite in those words...but i think he got the hint...

Ex partners... STAY DAFUCK AWAY FROM ME!!!!!

can't you feel me knowing that i don't need you in my life anymore? don't you realize that when you walked away from me that i would cease to need you? does it occur to you that you no longer occupy space in my thoughts and that i no longer give you any energy because you're not worth it? why do you take my forgiving nature for a sign that i would even consider allowing you in my life? should i act like a bitter bitch when you call me to make you realize that your lame attempt at flirting is a waste of your breath and my life? can't we just CALL it friends and LEAVE it at that?

we don't have do really BE friends, do we?

ex boyfriends and husbands leave me alone